Kinitics Linear Actuators and Piston Pumps are well-suited for a wide variety of applications

Valve Operation





Kinitics Automation Limited offers:

  • R&D department with extensive testing capabilities
  • Prototype and production manufacturing facility
  • Expertise in application engineering and control systems
  • Multi-disciplined engineering project team

For more information about any of these applications, or for a custom application:

The main industries of Kinitics Linear Actuators and Piston Pumps


Process automation, metering or transfer pump, bearing or pin press, hole punch, part holding, fatigue testing apparatus, valve actuation, part insertion.


Benchtop air press, hot glue dispenser, injection mold part remover, fixture testing/part remover, lab testing part mover, hot-object gripper, CNC part clamping,  nippers, wire cutter, crimper.


Science & research, reliability testing, remote actuation, part mover, hydraulic or mechanical control valve, chemical pump.

More industries that Kinitics Linear Actuators and Piston Pumps are suitable for:


Door safety latch with remote opener, electric bolt actuator for door or safe, fan brake, fire safety valve, isolation valve, car wash chemical pump, conveyor brake, boat trim tab, remote extendable cameral mount.


Propeller pitch control.


Electric car jack, transmission control, electronic brake actuator, grill shutter actuator, air intake flap actuator, active camber control.


Winch brake, quick hitch coupler latch, hydrostatic test pump.

Water Treatment

Pool chlorine pump, ph control, water treatment.


Magnetic dosing pump.


Ingredient transfer pump, process pump.

Oil & Gas

Hydraulic control valve, low-pressure low-flow chemical pump.


Narcotic delivery pump, syringe pump, sedative injection, tranquilizer stick, hospital bed movement.


Linear Actuators

Shape memory alloy-based actuator delivers high force and actuation speed in a small package.

  • High force-to-size ratio
  • Force up to 2600 N
  • Stroke up to 8 mm
  • AC and DC power options

Piston Pumps

Shape memory alloy-based actuator with medium pressure and fast actuation in a small package.

  • High pressure-to-size ratio
  • Pressure up to 100 Bar
  • Displacement up to 8.4 cc
  • Flows up to 25 LPH


 AC and DC controllers to interface Kinitics Force and Piston Pumps with standard PLC.

  • Compact size, DIN rail mount
  • 120 VAC, 12 and 24 VDC versions
  • Discrete I/O and analog gain input for multiple control strategies