Electronic Clutch Actuator

Kinitics KPP Piston Pump as an electrohydraulic master cylinder for electronic clutch control

KPP05 Shape Memory Alloy Piston Pump

The Kinitics Piston Pump (KPP) is a shape memory alloy-based positive displacement pump that can be used an an electro-hydraulic master cylinder, offering the functionality of a motor, pump, and proportional valve in a single compact unit. Electrically powered, the KPP can be used to precisely control hydraulic devices, making it ideal for powertrain applications such as electronic clutch control.

High force, high speed, high precision: The KPP Piston Pump uses proprietary shape memory alloy technology to deliver a precise stroke in a compact package, enabling its use as an electro-hydraulic master cylinder.


No motors: The KPP electronic clutch actuator requires only AC or DC electrical power to operate; the only moving parts are the rod and piston for a compact size and excellent reliability.


Automated clutch control: The KPP Piston Pump can be inserted into an existing hydraulic system for electronic clutch control, yet manual clutch actuation can be retained by incorporating an isolation valve. Displacement or pressure control can be implemented when additional sensors are used.


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Simple automated clutch system diagram showing KPP piston pump acting on spring-opposed slave cylinder.

The KPP Piston Pump can be used as an electronic clutch actuator in an automotive application, allowing automated clutch control in a small, lightweight unit. The technology has been used in the ShiftFX Electronic Shift Transmission(EST), a state-of-the-art transmission control system for OEM motorcycle applications. The system builds on existing gearbox design and enables push-button semi-automatic or fully automatic shifting.


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The ShiftFX Electronic Shift Transmission in action.

Kinitics Electronic Clutch Actuator Benefits

  • Rated pressure up to 100 Bar (1450 psi)
  • Displacement up to 8.4 cc (0.5 cu.in.)
  • Configurable ports
  • Flexible power options
  • Rod and piston are the only moving parts
  • IP67 environmental protection

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Bundled Wire Technology

  • Scalable architecture
  • Repeatable and predictable precision
  • Validated through comprehensive testing

Kinitics Automation Limited offers

  • R&D department with extensive testing capabilities
  • Prototype and production manufacturing facility
  • Expertise in application engineering and control systems
  • Multi-disciplined engineering project team

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Linear Actuators

Shape memory alloy-based actuator delivers high force and actuation speed in a small package.

  • High force-to-size ratio
  • Force up to 2600 N
  • Stroke up to 8 mm
  • AC and DC power options

Piston Pumps

Shape memory alloy-based actuator with medium pressure and fast actuation in a small package.

  • High pressure-to-size ratio
  • Pressure up to 100 Bar
  • Displacement up to 8.4 cc
  • Flows up to 25 LPH


 AC and DC controllers to interface Kinitics Force and Piston Pumps with standard PLC.

  • Compact size, DIN rail mount
  • 120 VAC, 12 and 24 VDC versions
  • Discrete I/O and analog gain input for multiple control strategies