KLA05 Demonstration Kit


This linear actuator kit has everything needed to start using Kinitics technology in your application:

  • KLA05 through-rod actuator
  • KCA020 120 VAC controller
  • Demo box featuring Enable, Single and Pulse functions
  • Two proximity switches
  • Wiring harness
  • Power cord
  • Quick-start guide


Demonstration kit contents include a demo box (on left), actuator (top center), controller (on right), and power cord (bottom center).


The linear actuator kit allows you to be up and running in a desktop setting in minutes, and experiment with the properties of the Kinitics KLA05 Linear Actuator and KCA020 Controller. The KCA020 Controller requires standard 120 VAC power to operate and the kit includes a power cord to utilize a standard AC wall outlet. The switch housing and wiring harness provide fused power to the Controller and Linear Actuator, and allow operation of the Enable, Single and Pulse inputs of the Controller. The linear actuator kit can be used for single-stroke and pumping functions of the actuator; complex control, such as positioning, is also possible by accessing the Gain input on the KCA020 Controller. Add-on hardware accessories are also available.


Kit Contents:

Item Part Number
KLA05 Linear Actuator KLA05-3S-A1-TRR1-M-C10-B
Controller KCA020
Demo box
Power cord
Wiring harness
Quick-start guide


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