The Kinitics Linear Actuator (KLA) is a shape memory-alloy based actuator that uses Bundled Wire technology to deliver high force and actuation speed in a small package. The Kinitics Linear Actuator can be easily configured to supply a pushing or pulling force. Due to the inherent lack of moving parts the actuator requires very little maintenance and produces very little noise. Position control is possible through the addition of a linear sensor while force control is possible through use of a strain gauge.


Kinitics Linear Actuator Features

  • High force-to-size ratio
  • Forces up to 2600 N
  • Strokes up to 8 mm
  • Available in push, pull, or through-rod
  • Controllable position and force
  • AC and DC power options
  • Flying lead or SJOOW cable hook-up
  • -40⁰ C to 60⁰ C operating range
  • Rod is the only moving part
  • IP67 environmental protection
  • Compatible with ISO 15552 attachments


Options and Accessories

  • Variety of mounting brackets, rod-end attachments
  • Kinitics controllers
  • Adjustable home position switch


Potential Applications

  • Valve actuation
  • Pressing
  • Positioning
Product Selection Chart:This chart shows the relationship between rated force and travel for the KLA05 Kinitics Linear Actuator. Actuator travel, or stroke, depends on the travel modifier incorporated into the actuator, which in turn impacts the allowable operating force. See the KLA05 data sheet for more details.



Download the Kinitics Linear Actuator datasheet in PDF format: KLA05 Datasheet