Prototype KLA Linear Actuator Reaches Testing Milestone

KLA 1 year mark data plot

This screen capture shows position (black) and force (green) for the prototype actuator over a two-second period, after one year of constant operation.

On March 12 a prototype Kinitics KLA Linear Actuator reached a major milestone: the actuator has been in operation holding a constant position for exactly one year.

The “long duration hold” test involves a prototype Kinitics KLA Linear Actuator, a load cell, and a position sensor arranged inside of a test apparatus. A Kinitics KCA020 AC Controller is used as part of a simple position-feedback control loop while test telemetry is recorded using a data acquisition system. The system has been running since March 12, 2018 in a relatively uncontrolled environment, with only occasional downtimes due to power interruptions. This one-year test milestone confirms the reliability of the KLA Linear Actuator in long-term positioning applications.


Video: Kinitics Haptic Device at IMTS

This video, shot at the IMTS show by Design World magazine, features Kinitics Automation president Dean Pick and Design World editor Lisa Eitel discussing the Kinitics KLA05 Linear Actuator and the Kinitics haptic device. The haptic device combines a KLA05 Linear Actuator and KCA020 Controller, and responds to user force by contracting a distance proportional to the amount of force applied. The device is used to demonstrate the simplicity of controlling the KLA05 Linear Actuator in a variety of applications.

Kinitics Featured in Design World Magazine

The September 2018 issue of Design World features an article on SMA-based linear actuators, highlighting Kinitics technology and the KLA05 Linear Actuator. The article, written by Lisa Eitel, is “Shape Memory Alloy Linear Actuators: A New Option For Positioning” and details the basics of SMA material, how it can be used in a linear actuator, and how feedback sensors and a controller can be utilized with the actuator to output complex motion profiles along with fine positioning and force control.


The article is online at Design World as well as Linear Motion Tips. Read the online version of the article here: Shape Memory Alloy Linear Actuators: A New Option For Positioning. You can also check out the complete Design World issue online here: Design World September 2018.

Kinitics Automation at IMTS 2018

Kinitics Automation will be exhibiting at the 2018 International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) – the world’s leading trade show for industrial technology – in September. The company will be displaying its KLA05 Linear Actuator and KPP05 Piston Pump products, in addition to the KLA05 test stand that demonstrates the actuator and its capabilities. For more details on the show, see our IMTS 2018 page.

Kinitics Featured in Tech Briefs Magazine

The June 2018 issue of Tech Briefs includes an article covering the use of shape memory alloy in linear actuators, based on the Bundled Wire technology developed by Kinitics Automation. The article, written by Kinitics president Dean Pick, is titled “Shape Memory Alloys Achieve High Force and Precision” and covers the basic concepts of shape memory alloys, how SMAs can be bundled to achieve the desired performance in a high-force linear actuator, and some of the resulting capabilities. Tech Briefs magazine features cutting-edge technologies developed by innovators within NASA, the military, federal laboratories, universities and commercial companies, and is available in print and digital formats.

Read the article online here: Shape Memory Alloys Achieve High Force and Precision

Download the June 2018 issue of Tech Briefs here: Tech Briefs


Video: See the KLA05 Actuator in Action

This video explains some of the KLA05 actuator’s features and how if fits into a control system, and shows the actuator in action as it is run through a sequence of three lifts on the Kinitics Test & Development Stand to showcase those features. In the first sequence, the actuator performs a simple dead-lift of 74 kg (163 lb) to its end of travel; in the second lift, the actuator holds the weight at two precise intervals for a period of time; and in the final lift, the actuator holds the weight at a set displacement for 10 seconds.

Visit us at the Southern Ontario Process & Automation Show!

Kinitics Automation will be at the Southern Ontario Process & Automation Show in Mississauga, ON on May 10, 2018. Hosted by Canadian Process Equipment & Control News, the show features 60 exhibitors and takes place at the Mississauga Convention Centre. Visit us at the show May 10 and see Kinitics technology in action as we will have our new KLA05 Demonstration Kit on hand in addition to KLA05 Linear Actuators, KPP05 Piston Pumps, and KCA020 Controllers. Admission is free, and you can preregister at the CPECN website.

Kinitics Demonstration Kits Now Available

Kinitics is pleased to announce the availability of the KLA05 Demonstration Kit, which includes all the components necessary to experience the benefits of Kinitics technology. The new Demonstration Kit includes a KLA05 Linear Actuator, KCA020 Controller, a connection harness, switch housing and various accessories. More information: KLA05 Demonstration Kit.