Kinitics KPP Piston Pump

The Kinitics Piston Pump is a shape memory alloy-based precision pump that uses Bundled Wire technology to deliver medium pressure and fast actuation speeds in a small package. Displacement control is possible through addition of a linear sensor while pressure control is possible through use of a pressure sensor. A temperature sensor can also be used to control outlet fluid temperature.

Kinitics Piston Pump Features

  • Wide range of compatible fluids
  • Rated pressures up to 10 Bar (145 psi)
  • Strokes up to 7 mm (0.26")
  • Displacements up to 3.3 cc (0.2
  • Flow rates up to 10 LPH (2.6 GPH)
  • Configurable ports
  • Flexible AC and DC power options
  • Flying lead or SJOOW cable hook-up
  • -40⁰ C to 60⁰ C operating range
  • Rod and piston are the only moving parts
  • IP67 Environmental Protection
  • Compatible with ISO 21287 hardware


  • Variety of mounting options
  • Additional Ports for Pumping application
  • Adjustable home position switch

Potential Applications

  • Motion control
  • Hydraulic master cylinder
  • Hydraulic piston pump
Product Selection Chart: This chart shows the relationship between  rated pressure and displacement for the KPP05 Kinitics Piston Pump.  Pump displacement depends on the piston bore size, the pump's nominal stroke, and the travel modifier incorporated into the  actuator, which in turn impacts the allowable operating pressure. For example, if you require a precision pump with 2.5 cc displacement and 5 bar pressure, you would use the above chart to select an actuator with a 25 mm piston bore, a 4 mm nominal stroke and the over-travel modifier. These options would be used to generate the Piston Pump part number in the configurator below. See the KPP05 data sheet for more details.

(1) – See Piston Positional Accuracy term in datasheet
(2) – See Power, Current Draw, and Holding Current terms in datasheet

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