Shape Memory Alloy Linear Actuator

Kinitics SMA Linear Actuator delivers high force and precision in a small package

KLA05 Shape Memory Alloy Linear Actuator

Kinitics Automation’s SMA linear actuator is the world’s first industrial-grade linear actuator using shape memory alloy to provide precise linear motion without the use of motors, requiring only AC or DC electrical power to operate. Featuring Kinitics’ proprietary Bundled Wire Technology, this breakthrough product allows users to upgrade and improve existing systems, while also enabling the automation and control of processes that were previously unfeasible using conventional equipment.

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The Kinitics shape memory alloy linear actuator delivers high force and high speed in a compact package, making it ideal for applications such as valve actuation, positioning, pressing and gripping. Kinitics’ SMA linear actuator has only one moving part, the rod, and operates without the backlash common to lead-screw and ball-screw actuators, improving performance in many applications.

Video: See the Kinitics KLA05 shape memory alloy actuator in use

Forces up to 2,000 N can be generated and maintained within sub-Newton accuracy while strokes up to 8 mm can be held to within 5 µm. In addition, in a continuous-duty holding application, such as positioning or part-holding, the Kinitics shape memory alloy actuator requires little power, making it an efficient alternative to fluid-power options.

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Kinitics SMA Linear Actuator Benefits

  • Positional accuracy of +/-5 um (.0002″)
  • Requires minimal infrastructure to operate
  • Only one moving part and no backlash
  • High force-to-size ratio
  • Controllable force up to 2000 N
  • Strokes up to 8 mm
  • Available in push, pull, or through-rod
  • AC and DC power options
  • Flying lead or SJOOW cable hook-up
  • -40⁰ C to 60⁰ C operating range
  • IP67 environmental protection
  • Compatible with ISO 21287 attachments

Bundled Wire Technology

  • Scalable architecture
  • Repeatable and predictable precision
  • Validated through comprehensive testing

Kinitics Automation Limited offers

  • R&D department with extensive testing capabilities
  • Prototype and production manufacturing facility
  • Expertise in application engineering and control systems
  • Multi-disciplined engineering project team

This chart compares the capabilities of Kinitics’ shape memory alloy linear actuator technology against other actuator technologies. Learn more about Kinitics’ unique benefits.

Using proprietary Bundled Wire Technology, Kinitics’ products offer a number of features and benefits that distinguish them from other types of actuators.

Inquire about our KLA05 Demonstration Kit, which includes everything you need to start using Kinitics’ technology.


Linear Actuators

Shape memory alloy-based actuator delivers high force and actuation speed in a small package.

  • High force-to-size ratio
  • Force up to 2600 N
  • Stroke up to 8 mm
  • AC and DC power options

Piston Pumps

Shape memory alloy-based actuator with medium pressure and fast actuation in a small package.

  • High pressure-to-size ratio
  • Pressure up to 100 Bar
  • Displacement up to 8.4 cc
  • Flows up to 25 LPH


 AC and DC controllers to interface Kinitics Force and Piston Pumps with standard PLC.

  • Compact size, DIN rail mount
  • 120 VAC, 12 and 24 VDC versions
  • Discrete I/O and analog gain input for multiple control strategies