Why Choose Kinitics?

Kinitics Linear Actuators and Piston Pumps use Shape Memory Alloys and Kinitics’ proprietary Bundled Wire technology, and can fit in a variety of applications. The products offer a number of features and benefits that distinguish them from other types of actuators and pumps.

  • Kinitics KLA Linear Actuators can deliver a precision stroke distance at a higher force than actuators of similar dimensions.
  • The Kinitics Controller is reduced in cost and complexity and can be operated on a variety of power sources.
  • The Kinitics Linear Actuators and Piston Pumps require considerably less infrastructure (such as that required by hydraulic or pneumatic systems) for operation compared to conventional actuators.
This chart compares the capabilities of Kinitics technology against other actuator technologies on the market

This chart compares the features of Kinitics KLA Linear Actuators with other types of linear actuators, with the following characteristics:


  • Position control: Can the end-effector hold position before the end of travel?
  • Maintain peak force: Can the end-effector maintain peak force over time?
  • Direct linear action: Is the source of force linear (i.e. non-rotary)?
  • Bi-directional: Can the end-effector be driven backwards?
  • Self-powered: Can the unit function without ancillary equipment such as pumps, valves, etc.?